NFT photos videos

About Us

We’re photographers and film makers who travel around the world to get the most beautiful images we can.
Sometimes we work on a simple object to make it manificient, but when we have the opportunity, we try to shoot a really rare object that will be hard to find, or a beautiful location which is far from everything, where  you might need to carry your equipment by foot for many miles.

NFT photos videos
NFT photos videos

Common objects

We will bring you a new look into a new NFT

What is an NFT ?
Non fongible token is an digital object that you can’t just change for an other one, it’s unique, or at least there are very few of them. 
We want to bring you that unique piece, so we gonna work hard on our ideas and skills to bring you a photo or video NFT that you’ll be proud to have.


Our Story & domains

In order to deliver a wonderful piece of work, you need to focus on a limited quantity of domains.
Ours are photos and videos of objects and landscapes.

Why those two ? 
We’ve been travel lovers for ages, so we’ve got an expertise in taking pictures overy the years of landscapes, we love it even more when they’re hard to access !
Objects : it’s a challenge to make them look good and not to bore the viewer !


Big part of our NFT creations, ask for the one you like, maybe we’ll be able to design it


You want a unique piece of a foreign landscape ? Tell us which one, we might have it.

Global objects

This category gonna remain a surprise, but don’t worry, we’ll show you our NFT art as soon as possible !



Photographer and film maker

Always tracking the new landscapes and objects to shoot for the next travel




Planing the travels and finding the best way to offer you good content.



Web designer

Our web designer so we can present our work.




He’s the one you’ll have to talk to if you want to get a piece of our collection

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Non fongible token 

NFT photos videos